About Mulla Hassan Almodhafar

Hassan Almodhafar is from a well-known family in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq. He was born in 1985, in Kuwait, to a family who serves Imam Hussain’s (as). He was influenced by the atmosphere of “Sha’aer Hussainya” Hussaini Arts/Rituals. In 1995, upon migrating to the United States, Almodhafar was introduced to one of the great Iraqi Hussaini reciters, Shaikh Yaseen Alrumaithi where he learned the foundation of the Hussaini Arts.

Almodhafar earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan, and in 2013 he completed his Master of Science from the Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan with a concentration in Automotive Engineering and Power Generation.

His service to Imam Hussain (as) started in 2005 in his hometown of Dearborn, Michigan. He recited at his first English program alongside Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, who has been a source of inspiration and guidance. This eventually led to him to recite globally:

  • 2006-2008: London, England
  • 2006: Saudi Arabia (Umra/Pilgrimage)
  • 2007: Canada
  • 2008: Kuwait
  • 2008: Damascus, Syria (Ziyara Group)
  • 2013-2016: Iraq (Ziyara Group)
  • 2014: Saudi Arabia (Hajj/Pilgrimage)

In 2005, Almodhafar was introduced to Ali Jaber Alkathemi, an English poet and son of Jaber Alkathemi, a prominent Iraqi poet. They recorded a total of five albums together. Three of which were with Sound Engineer Ahmad Shareef (Pure Vocal Studio – PVS):


  • 2006: From My Heart (Shirak Studios)
  • 2007: Endless Tears (Pure Vocal Studios)
  • 2008: Red Thunder (Pure Vocal Studios)
  • 2009: Perfect Guide (Five Level Productions)
  • Unborn Martyr (yet to be released) (Pure Vocal Studios)
  • Arabic Single  بضعة محمد “A Part of Muhammad” (Pure Vocal Studios)
    • Ali Jaber Alkathemi
  • Arabic Single يا صاحب الرأس الذي فوق القنا مرفوع “Oh you whose head was raised over the spear” (Pure Vocal Studios)
    • Jaber Alkathemi

He recorded an album with the leading Arabic figure in Hussaini Arts globally, Mulla Basim Alkarbalei, and Sound Engineer/Musician Hossam Yousry Madkour (Five Levels Productions).

  • Album “صوت الراية”/”Perfect Guide” in 2009.

Almodhafar recited poetry by prominent Iraqi Poets Muntadher Alabadi, Sayed Sa’eed Alsafi, and Sayed Abdulkhaliq Almehana. He also recited poetry by English poets Tahir Adel Alomani and Nouri Sardar.

His latest 2016 work/single “Ultimate Sacrifice: Pens Wrote” will be his first track to be released on Apple iTunes, Google Play, and other digital media stores.